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Fall 2021


He spent months underwater. Now he wants to save the ocean.

To confront climate change, scientists like Mark Patterson are tapping into surprise, adventure, and wonder.

By Erick Trickey

First Person

Bringing new faces to hockey

The NHL's vice president of social impact talks about leadership, representation in hockey, and what it feels like to ride a Zamboni.


Words got us into the anti-vaccine crisis. Here’s how they’ll get us out.

Researchers are studying ways to keep misinformation from spreading, from exposing ‘data voids’ to minding sentence structure.

By Schuyler Velasco

Big Idea

Can ambient music make you more productive? This company thinks so.

At, human composers and AI collaborate on instrumental music.

By Jim Sullivan


This German neighborhood has everything. Except cars.

In Vauban, ultra-low speed limits and hefty fees have made driving almost obsolete. Residents like it that way.

By Stav Dimitropoulos

Photos by Sandra Weller