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Touched by a stranger: the rise of professional cuddling

Cuddling parties. Spooning-for-hire. It’s all pitched as “wellness” — but can it fill the void?

By Alix Strauss

The grownup who vapes

By Glenn McDonald


Jealous of your Facebook friends? You’re not alone.

A new Experience survey reveals how much online envy is hurting our psyches — and fraying our real-life relationships

By Alexandra Samuel


The (very) dark side of virtual reality

It can be used for games, for empathy, for therapy. But it could also be used for torture.

By Heather Kapplow

Career Day

He’ll get your Honda clean, but he’d prefer a Porsche

A car detailer talks about sweating the small stuff

By Tracy Mayor

Stories in Ideas

First Person

Teaching English in the shadow of the border wall

The kids in my ESL classes are, in many ways, regular teenagers. But some of them fear deportation every day.

By Kellye Hooks

Stories in First Person