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You’re a poet. AI knows it.

Computers can’t write poetry (not yet). But they find verse in common online speech.

By Tony Rehagen

Stories in Culture


What do you want to dream about? Soon, you may be able to choose.

Dream engineering harnesses virtual reality and sensory cues — and could have helpful effects while we’re awake, too.

By Hannah Thomasy

Stories in Humans+Robots

Stories in Cities+Nature


Energy justice is the next civil rights issue

Shalanda Baker thinks clean energy can help heal America's legacy of racism. That's why she's joined the Biden Administration.

By Erick Trickey

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Your brain vs. artificial intelligence

To understand how AI works, you have to understand human cognition, and recognize the processes we take for granted.


See how your choices add up for the climate

When planning a wedding, taking a trip, or hosting a dinner party, which trade-offs are you willing to make to reduce your carbon footprint?


What would you do? Take an immigrant’s journey.

Here are eight immigrant stories, told through composite characters but based on real laws and historically documented scenarios. Follow their paths, and see how you would respond to the choices they faced.