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Afraid your toaster is spying on you? Call on this digital gatekeeper.

A new kind of advocate AI could protect our privacy against smart devices' cameras and microphones.

By Glenn McDonald


Soon we’ll be in crowds again. Are we ready?

Gathering again will be a joyous step in collective healing — and it may come more naturally than we think.

By Schuyler Velasco

Stories in Society

Stories in Humans+Robots



It looks like a saxophone but plays 512 notes — many you’ve never heard before

How a jazz musician created the Infinitone to challenge Western musical ideas.

By Tony Rehagen

Stories in Culture


These scientists want to make your brain enjoy broccoli

Neurogastronomy aims to help junk food addicts, cancer survivors, and COVID-19 patients.

By Stav Dimitropoulos

Stories in Cities+Nature


As sea levels rise, a Dutch neighborhood floats up

Schoonschip, a real-life ‘Waterworld,’ is built for a climate-adaptive future. But is it a realistic solution?

By Stav Dimitropoulos

Photos by Isabel Nabuurs

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Your brain vs. artificial intelligence

To understand how AI works, you have to understand human cognition, and recognize the processes we take for granted.


See how your choices add up for the climate

When planning a wedding, taking a trip, or hosting a dinner party, which trade-offs are you willing to make to reduce your carbon footprint?


What would you do? Take an immigrant’s journey.

Here are eight immigrant stories, told through composite characters but based on real laws and historically documented scenarios. Follow their paths, and see how you would respond to the choices they faced.