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9 stories about Climate Change

Career Day

Hiking into the wildfire

The captain of a U.S. Forest Service fire crew talks about long days, big choices, and the cities that spring up around fires.

By Jenni Gritters


The 5,000-year-old answer to surviving rising seas

One anthropologist’s research in Puerto Rico is needed more than ever — and threatened like never before

By Eric Niiler


In this patch of forest, climate change already happened

How a 1990s trip to Sweden inspired a living laboratory

By Eric Niiler


A pencil, a marker, and ‘pure magic’

How a 24-hour arts event helped bring New Orleans back

By Natalie Pompilio


As Antarctica changed, so did he

Forrest McCarthy built a career supporting scientists on the ice. Then he decided to be a scientist himself.

By Eric Niiler


Doing disaster right

How do you recover from a hurricane? Ask survivors of Katrina.

By Stephanie Grace

Photos by Susan Poag
First Person

Storm chaser

In a weather disaster, the worst day of someone's life can be a reporter's big break

By Jessica Palombo Gustafson

First Person

When the rain didn’t come in Cape Town

In a town surrounded by water, we faced down a water shortage

By Neo Maditla