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6 stories about Breaking Type


The day I brought my knitting to the boardroom

To survive meetings, I used digital distractions — until I found the ultimate analog cure

By Alexandra Samuel


Dancing away from gender roles

In Afro-Latin dance, men lead and women follow. But some dancers are changing the rules.

By Cori Brosnahan

First Person

This is why I carry a gun

How a shocking murder led to a choice — and a secret community

First Person

I don’t want to stop singing ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.’

A professional singer deconstructs the song. Listen for yourself.

By Debbie Gravitte

First Person

How I realized I was ‘they’

Gender, pronouns, and the power of the right definition

By Jama Shelton


Kick the doors open

There’s the standard way to do feminism. Or there’s punk rock.

By Joan Anderman

Photos by Gretchen Ertl