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Living with climate change

The UN recently released a jaw-dropping climate report that boiled down to a dire warning –without drastic measures to slow global warming, the environmental consequences could be catastrophic. They include more severe droughts, like the one that nearly resulted in Cape Town, South Africa running out of water last year. Writer Neo Maditla's experience with that crisis offered a preview of what could happen as droughts become more widespread: "absolute chaos." Read that story, and scroll down for our favorite stories about experience around the web this week.

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Arctic surfing

Not all surfing takes place in sun-drenched, beachy locales. Norway’s Lofoten Masters is the only surfing competition held in the biting cold of the extreme Northern Hemisphere. Among the event’s unique perks: smaller crowds and catching waves under the Aurora Borealis.

Melania in Africa

As the Melania Trump's controversial tour of Africa wraps up, a reporter reflects on how the "maddeningly complicated" continent is painted with broad brushstrokes, by both politicians and media. She wishes could take the first lady on a different kind of Africa tour – full of artists and cheesemakers, highway hustlers and dodgeball.

Playing fact-checker

Researching a role in a play, actor Daniel Radcliffe goes to work for the New Yorker's fact-checking department. His assignment: verifying menu items and brunch hours for a review of a new Mexican restaurant. “I’m more nervous about this than I am about going onstage," he said of the experience.