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A better place to protest

Rememberances of President George H.W. Bush have left many reminiscing for a bygone era of politics and public discourse — filled with civil debate and respect for free speech. Could smartly designed public spaces help foster those principles again? Read about how Cleveland's Public Square was rebuilt to encourage large, yet civil protests. Then scroll down for our favorite stories about experience around the web this week.

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Baked Boomers

As marijuana becomes decriminalized and more widely prescribed for a range of medical ailments, the fastest-growing group of users isn’t vaping Millennials. It’s their moms and dads.

Syrian enclave

Saraqib, a town in Northern Syria, fought off the Assad regime and rebel factions of religious fundamentalists to hold a free election — the first in Syria in over 60 years. Can democracy survive there?

Kickers, brothers

The Aguayo brothers shattered records and won college football titles as place-kickers at Florida State University. Then Roberto got drafted too high into the NFL.