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Submission guidelines

How to pitch Experience

Experience Magazine has closed and is no longer accepting story pitches or solicitations from illustrators.

Experience publishes stories about the intersection of technology and humanity: innovations that are changing the way people live or solving intractable problems in a scalable way.

We’re looking for story ideas from every continent. Recently published pieces include a dispatch from Mexico City about how aerial trams are transforming its public transportation; a story about a neighborhood in Germany that found ways to reduce car ownership; and a story about how cities like Freetown, Sierra Leone, are appointing chief heat officers to combat one aspect of global warming. We’re also interested in technology in the arts; we’ve published stories about a holographic pop star in Japan and a video game that rewards kindness online.

Stories need to be original, thoroughly researched, thought-provoking, and beautifully written. Currently, we’re seeking pitches about how technology is affecting sports and games, food and agriculture, dating, art, ethics, neighborhood life, and the fight against climate change.

In general, here’s what works:
Stories that contain a compelling narrative. Stories that contradict conventional wisdom about how technology is shaping our world. Stories that explore a subculture or niche community being changed by — or driving forward — innovation. Stories that contain both a problem and a solution. Topics or angles we haven’t seen before.

… and here’s what doesn’t work:
How-tos. Product reviews. Doomsaying. Stories about personal travel or life-cycle events.

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