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5 stories about Social Media


Jealous of your Facebook friends? You’re not alone.

A new Experience survey reveals how much online envy is hurting our psyches — and fraying our real-life relationships

By Alexandra Samuel

I Tried It

I Tried It: ‘Tinder for friendship’

Making friends online, it turns out, is just as awkward as making them in person.

By Margaret Eby

Tech + Life

Why your app doesn’t care who you are

Silicon Valley’s insularity has been a talking point for years. Sometimes, that has real-life consequences.

By Schuyler Velasco


The truth behind those glorious #VanLife images

The wanderlust was real. So was the lack of a bathroom.

By Jenni Gritters

Tech + Life

Your guide to becoming an Instagram star

Who wouldn’t want to be an influencer? Maybe you.

By Jenni Gritters