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5 stories about Social Media


Jealous of your Facebook friends? You’re not alone.

A new Experience survey reveals how much online envy is hurting our psyches — and fraying our real-life relationships

By Alexandra Samuel

I Tried It

I Tried It: ‘Tinder for friendship’

Making friends online, it turns out, is just as awkward as making them in person.

By Margaret Eby


Why your app doesn’t care who you are

Silicon Valley’s insularity has been a talking point for years. Sometimes, that has real-life consequences.

By Schuyler Velasco

Big Idea

The truth behind those glorious #VanLife images

The wanderlust was real. So was the lack of a bathroom.

By Jenni Gritters


Your guide to becoming an Instagram star

Who wouldn’t want to be an influencer? Maybe you.

By Jenni Gritters