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8 stories about Munchies

I Tried It

At this fast food restaurant, machines do the cooking

Three minutes to prepare a delicious, healthy meal: there’s a robot for that. So what’s missing?

By Heather Kapplow

Career Day

Finding the cheese that speaks to you

A cheesemonger talks about the female-driven profession — and how much cheese she actually eats

By Julia Beck

Career Day

Trophies, ‘Chambongs,’ and food, of course

A restaurateur on why he mixes food with an interactive experience

By Alix Strauss


My search for the best fried chicken in New York

When a Southerner gets homesick, the details matter.

By Schuyler Velasco


This is the future of food

From 3D printed pizza to robot delivery services, innovations that will shape how and what we eat

By Glenn McDonald


Cranberry sauce, un-canned

That red, jellied mold is a symbol of the American experience — but not in the way you might think

By Glenn McDonald