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Submission guidelines

How to pitch Experience

Experience welcomes pitches for reported and first-person stories about the intersection of technology and humanity — stories that look to the future; chronicle innovations and new ideas about work, play, and human relationships; and examine inspiring scientific responses to global problems. Stories need to be original, thoroughly researched, thought-provoking, and beautifully written.

We are especially looking for pitches about the interplay of technology and climate change, sports and games, food and agriculture, dating, art, ethics, and cities and neighborhoods.

In general, here’s what works:
Stories that contain a compelling narrative. Stories that contradict conventional wisdom about how technology is shaping our world. Stories that explore a subculture or niche community being changed by — or driving forward — innovation. Stories that contain both a problem and a solution. Topics or angles we haven’t seen before. Here are some recently published examples:

To be trusted by humans, robots need to read the room
What do you want to dream about? Soon, you may be able to choose.
One of Japan’s most beloved pop stars is a hologram
As sea levels rise, a Dutch neighborhood floats up

… and here’s what doesn’t work:
How-tos. Product reviews. Doomsaying.

Please submit pitches to contact [at] expmag [dot] com and include your contact information and links to previously published work. We strongly recommend sending pitches instead of stories written on spec. We do not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere. We read all submissions, and will contact you if we’re interested in publishing your material.

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